Wong Ming Edit

Wong Ming (born January 4th 1954) is a hakka Chinese born naturalized Belgian martial artist and a chef.[1] He is one of two still-living family of the (Man Yan Tai) family of Kong Sai Tiě Ngau Fong Ka (Kong Sai Iron Buffalo style Kung fu; chinese: 廣西鐵牛風格).[2]

Biography Edit

Wong Ming (Chinese 黃明 [1]) was born in the Southern Region of Hong kong, China in 1954. He was already an expert in Kung-Fu as he had learned the Mui Fa Kune (cantonese) style (Plum Blossom fist; 梅花拳)[3] at a very early age. He moved to Belgium january 1970 at the age of 19.

In 1977, Ming met for the first ime Man Yan Tai[4] in a friendly dual which he lost. He opened a restaurant business in Antwerp (belgium) in 1980.[5] In 1986 at the age of 32yrs old, Wong Ming became a full disciple of Man Yan Tai and learned the style of the Southern Region of Hong kong (The Iron Buffalo style).

After Man Yan Tai’s death in 1996, Wong Ming continued teaching whilst running his restaurant business in Antwerp to very selected and trustworthy students (Belgium).

Career Edit

Wong Ming arrived in Belgium in 1970 where he started his career as Chef in various chinese restaurants. Upon the successful returns about his cooking, it motivated him to open his own restaurants. He opened 3 restaurants from which 2 had to be closed due to mishandeling and trust from the people he appointed as managers.

He decided to run focus on one restaurant which has always found excellent response and reviews in the world of gastronomy locally as well as internationally for best place to eat in Antwerp, Belgium.

At the time, while being Man yan tai's student, he had already learned and mastered other styles of Kung Fu such as Plum Blossom fist which he had learned from his grandfather in Hong Kong. In 1995, a Belgian man claiming to be a genuine traditional teacher as well as a passionate about true genuine style and Chinese culture was introduced to Wong Ming by a Chinese acquaintance. Wong Ming discussed the person's case to Man Yan Tai who agreed to meet him and it was decided to just start teaching him a very small part of the Kong Sai Iron Buffalo style. Man Yan Tai potentially saw an opportunity for the Iron buffalo style to eventually grow in the western society inclined to learn authentic genuine traditional knowledge.

Wong Ming was then assigned as a Sifu by Man Yan Tai to this gentleman who seemed at the time to have had a school without any legitimate lineage of name to it. Wong Ming only showed him a microscopic part of the knowledge as Man Yan Tai quickly noticed that the Belgian man was not at all following the ways of his predecessors but rather seemed eager to use the name of the style without showing his own students anything from what Wong Ming was teaching him. Man Yan Tai's decision was to not let Wong Ming interfeer with this person anymore, and just show politness according to the ethics of Kung fu and buddhism as this person was not a suitable person to the style of the Iron Buffalo kung Fu.

Wong Ming branch Edit

Few years later, Wong Ming met with young Yip Wai-lam and his comrade Abdelwahid Habibullah. Yip Wai-lam's father arrived in Belgium in 1970 with Wong ming and they became very good friends ever since. Mr Yip always wanted his son to learn Iron Buffalo kung fu as he this style was to him, the most powerful style in chinatown. When Wong Ming met with the 2 young comrades, he was astounded by their sincerity, devotion, genuinity, morals and conducts, he accepted them as students, and they have been his notable students ever since. Wai-lam continues to spread the style in Belgium from his school in Hasselt, Belgium. Abdelwahid Habibullah continues to spread the style in the gulf countries, mostly Saudi Arabia, U.A.E, Qatar and Oman.

Family Edit

Wong Ming is married to a Belgian lady from Chinese origin (Hong Kong,) who works as a Dutch language translator for chinese immigrants with local police and other government bodies. He has 3 children (2 boys and a girl) and is a grandfather of his elder's son who has a daughter.

Me and sifu and wailam


Notable Students:

Wai-lam Yip

Abdelwahid Habibullah




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